10 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Out There Have The Worst Dating Lives

Ever wondered why the most clever women have the most awful romantic lives? Sure, there are many people out there struggling to find a genuine connection. But for these incredible women, it’s ten times harder.

For them, love looks more like a losing game. It doesn’t mean they don’t want affection and some stability. These women exude strength, charm and intelligence. But some would prefer to stay away.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s difficult for remarkable women to find the right person for them:

1. They are independent

This means they are self-reliant and usually enjoy their much-treasured solitude. Because they have lived most of their lives on their own, these women know how to care for themselves. It only makes sense that they need someone who is just as independent.

2. Most men are intimidated by them

This is probably reason number one why men prefer to stay away from such women. To put it bluntly, they can’t handle it. The thought of having next to them someone more powerful than them is unbearable for their ego.

In the end, is a subconscious fear of being surpassed. As if dating were a race…

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3. They are very selective because they know how much they are worth

It only makes sense that really smart women have high standards, sometimes unreachable. They know exactly what they deserve so they don’t settle for less.

4. They might come off as too intense

Intense could take many shapes and forms. Some men may think they are a bit too much so they will date someone they can relate to instead. Little do they know that discovering such a woman can be a fascinating process.

5. They are not interested in small talk

Dating requires some level of chit chat which they obviously hate. So they would rather skip straight to the deeper layers of a conversation, as difficult as that is.

6. They have a wide vision and higher goals

These unbelievable women know where they stand. They have a clear vision for the future and they know just what they’re looking for in a relationship. Again, that can be pretty mind-boggling for an average mind or for undetermined people.

7. They are peculiar

Of course they are a bit odd. In the sense of weird, magical, awesome, crazy. You pick. Here’s what they are not: boring.

8. They can read people well

This means they can tell right away when they’re being lied to. So no, you can’t mesmerize them with cheap compliments. In fact, it will drive them mad so choose your words wisely.

9. When they love, they love with all of their being

Ass rarely as it happens, if they meet someone they think they are right for them and get involved, they will do it wholeheartedly.

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10. They are the ones that some men have a hard time finding

Needless to say, they are rare gems. So if you come across one of them, keep them in your life for as long as possible.