10 Reasons Why Women With Anxiety Are Stronger Than You Think

Women who battle anxiety on a daily basis deserve more recognition. Some of us may have been diagnosed already, others wage a quiet war inside of them.

You never know how much someone is struggling with every day so we must strive to understand each other better. Here are 10 reasons why women who suffer from anxiety are really the strongest:

1. They put up a fight every single day

They are trying to silence their mind as much as possible. Especially when overthinking and negative self-talk seem to take over.

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2. They have to deal with judgment very often

They are used to being told that they are too sensitive or that they feel too much. People are quick to judge and women with anxiety may have internalized this criticism. How many times haven’t they heard that it’s all in their head?

3. They are sensitive and have emotional depth

“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful; she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.” – Native American saying.

Women with anxiety have very intense emotions and are also very sensitive to other people’s emotions. Because of a sharp self-awareness, they have developed emotional depth. But sometimes, this can be in their detriment.

4. They are very clever

They are not only emotionally intelligent, but also really smart. This is what makes them prone to excessive analyzing and thinking, to the point of mental exhaustion. That’s when anxiety kicks in and when they try really hard to keep it under control.

5. They are their own knight in shining armor

Or a female version of a knight. They have learned not to depend on others because anxiety has sometimes isolated them, forced them to deal with things on their own. Of course, this has made them a powerful force that shouldn’t be underrated.

6. They never give up

Women with anxiety know that quitting is not an option. They are persevering and consistent because they are aware that it’s the only way to get results. Even more so, anxiety makes them fight harder for what they want.

7. They are caring and empathetic

They read well other people and care for their feelings. Sometimes, anxiety comes from caring too much what other people feel or think about them. But they will never stop showing empathy, it’s in their nature.

8. They think things through

Women with anxiety prefer to analyze and carefully plan in advance. Their minds are constantly working on this or that detail. But they know that if they want to achieve a goal, they can’t be impulsive.

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9. They are forgiving

They know very well what it’s like to be hurt and deal with pain. Forgiving is their way of telling other people they understand what they’re going through.

10. They are brave

They face a new day with tons of courage. They have to. They know that they must push themselves so they can be where they want to be.