10 Signs You Have Perfect Chemistry

Studies tell us more and more that physical attraction ensues from a great mental connection and that’s because everything is in the mind. Of course, we are also drawn by certain physical traits, otherwise how could we explain love at first sight?

Chemistry is something we often can’t control, but to improve our intimate lives with our partners, we also need to work on some aspects. Here are 10 signs you and your lover already have great chemistry:

1. It feels good

Intimacy is supposed to feel good, especially when we’re relaxed and we trust our partner. And not only on a physical level, but also emotional.

2. You’re always close

You are affectionate with each other in everyday life, not only in bed. This shows how amazingly compatible you two are!

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3. Your love life is adventurous

You never get bored because you don’t know what routine is. You both try to be just as creative.

4. You can laugh

Playing and flirting is all fun and you know both that. No matter how weird things may get, you are always able to laugh it up.

5. You’re not very happy when they’re away

You definitely feel like something’s missing and you’re eager for the next embrace!

6. You feel wanted

This can be an extremely powerful feeling and it’s probably at the foundation of any healthy and happy relationship. Both partners should feel wanted and cared for.

7. You have similar preferences

Again, this is so important because there’s barely a connection if you don’t build on things you have in common, like what gives you pleasure.

8. Your love life seems balanced

It’s not about only one of you; you both want to please the other and you have open conversations about how to get there.

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9. They can get you in the mood right away

All you need is a peck on the cheek or a whisper in your ear and you’re mad about them.

10. Your kisses are the sweetest thing

The chemistry is so good you can’t help being away from one another. And when your lips lock, it’s magic!