10 Signs You’re Stuck In A Dead End Relationship, Even If You Love Your Partner

Being in love with your partner doesn’t necessarily imply you are also in a stable and healthy relationship. Sometimes, there’s that gut feeling that something is not quite right or that you don’t seem to be moving forward.

It’s a very painful realization that you have outgrown your loved one. Here are 10 serious signs that you may be stuck in a dead-end relationship.

1. They’re not part of your future plans

If you don’t see yourself with them 5 or 10 years from now, then why move on with them? We all make certain plans and envision what we could do. If you want to pack your bags and travel the world while your partner really resents the idea, then maybe they’re not for you.

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2. There’s no mutual trust anymore

This is a big no-no. There is no easy way to continue if communication is doomed. Honesty and trust are fundamental when it comes to healthy long-term commitments.

Even if your partner has trust issues from a previous relationship, you cannot go forward if you don’t solve this problem together.

3. You’re acting more like a savior than like a partner

This clearly points how unbalanced the relationship is. It’s alright to give all of your love, affection and understanding to someone, but not if you are constantly trying to fix them or save them.

4. Your connection is more physical than emotional or mental

Chemistry is also very important in a relationship, but if sex is the only thing keeping you and your lover together, chances are it won’t last. Attraction tends to fade after a while so it matters that your bond is also a mental and emotional one.

5. You feel insecure with them

If you don’t feel safe and secure about your partner’s feelings, it may feel like you need to move on. Constantly questioning how they feel about you or their intentions will become draining after a while.

6. Your partner hasn’t fully committed yet

This is yet another red flag. If you’ve bee together for a while now but they are still afraid to commit, it’s very likely things won’t move forward with them. Their reluctance will only keep you stuck between what a relationship is and what it could be.

7. Your friends and family don’t approve of them

It’s alright to listen to your own instincts, but if close people around you don’t think you two are absolutely made for each other, maybe they have a point. After all, they are being more objective than you could be.

8. You’re the only one trying to make the relationship work

Yes, it takes two to move forward and strengthen your connection. If they don’t seem willing to put in any effort so you can grow together, then you’re alone in this.

9. The relationship is on and off

An on and off thing means you get some extreme highs and lows and, implicitly, no stability. At first, this may seem like an adventure or an enticing game, but after a while you will realize how draining it is and you will crave balance and consistency.

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10. You are not on the same page anymore

This just happens. One partner decides to take a different direction, while the other would rather maintain the status-quo. When there is such disparity, the best thing you can do is choose to grow on your own.

As hard as it may be to let go, being stuck in a relationship that does not fulfill you anymore is far worse. Be brave, you never know how things might turn out!