10 Traits Of Toxic People That Can Hurt And Emotionally Damage You

We all feel some decluttering is needed every once in a while. This includes cutting ties with people who harm us or drain us, mentally and emotionally.

Many of us have realized we no longer have the energy or the will to tolerate toxic behavior around us. Now is the time to surround yourself with people who support you and genuinely care.

Here are 10 traits of toxic people that shouldn’t be overlooked:

1. They never apologize

This should be a clear indication that you shouldn’t be around such people. Ever wondered why you’ve been friends with someone for quite a while and never heard them uttering the word “sorry”?

That’s because people who don’t apologize think it’s never their fault. Simple as that.

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2. They lie… a lot

Toxic people cannot be trusted, that’s for sure. Usually, they are masters at lying but also at shifting the blame and the attention.

3. They always judge and criticize

Picking on people, criticizing and bullying are some other twisted games they play. Don’t fall in the trap. It’s just in their nature to be judgmental.

4. They need attention 24/7

They constantly crave attention because, at the end of the day, it’s all about them. Right? Some even like to put on a show, anything just to be in the spotlight. It may be because they haven’t received enough attention growing up or because of their big egos.

Whatever it is, they demand it and they demand it now.

5. They’re not consistent

Consistency is yet another one of their flaws. One day they tell you something and the next day they could come up with the opposite of what they had said. They could be acutely unbalanced or they could intentionally make it harder for you to know what they’re thinking.

6. They have huge ego problems

Their ego is their best friend, your worst enemy. Nothing comes between them and their self-image. Simply put, these people are under the delusion that the entire world revolves around them. Scratch that, the entire universe.

7. They are skilled manipulators

Toxic people will manipulate you until they get what they want. Once they do, they will most likely move to their next victim.

8. They talk over you

Maybe you’re trying to prove a point in the middle of a conversation. But a toxic person won’t let you do it. If they think they’ll disagree, they will not back down from interrupting you.

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9. They make you prove yourself

You always have to do more in order for them to validate your opinion or experience. If that ever happens. Their needs will always come first which is one of the main reasons you need to distance yourself from such people.

10. They make you feel you must defend yourself

If you always feel the need to defend yourself around them, it must be because they are constantly attacking you.

Don’t encourage these behaviors. Make sure you surround yourself with genuine, caring people who show understanding and empathy.