10 Uncomfortable Signs It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That Is Tired


If you’ve gone through an extended period of major stress, you may feel so exhausted that you need a serious break. But not just a quick vacation. You feel your energy levels are so low that you could only rest from now on and you’d still feel incredibly tired.

The truth is that emotional and mental exhaustion can drain you so much that no matter how much sleep you get, it won’t go away. That’s because your extreme fatigue is at a much deeper level, an existential breakdown.

Ignoring the symptoms can lead to more severe issues such as chronic anxiety, depression or other mental health problems. Here are 10 signs your soul is really tired, rather than your body.

1. During the day, all you want to do is lie down and rest

Many of us struggle with getting out of bed, but for those who are experiencing extreme fatigue it can be a real torture. You feel like you could sleep for days on end. That’s because your energy is so low that it takes an incredible amount of effort to simply leave your bed.

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2. You feel a strange aching throughout all your body

It can be something specific like your head or your stomach or you could feel a general ache or tension in your body, and with no particular reason.

3. You often feel fragmented, disoriented or just all over the place

That’s because your mind and body are out of sync. Also, you feel like there is too much going on around you and can’t seem to be able to process or assimilate everything. This leads to further confusion.

4. If someone asks what is wrong with you, you’re not sure what to tell them

That’s because you are aware that there is something going on with you, but you can’t exactly put your finger on it.

5. You experience mild anxiety on a day to day basis

The triggers are multiple. Sometimes, anxiety just creeps in out of nowhere. Other times, it really seems unmanageable.

6. You feel everything more intensely

Maybe you’ve always been an intense person, but lately your emotions are through the roof. At times, you find yourself crying for no apparent reason.

7. You feel profoundly lonely

But it’s an existential loneliness, not circumstantial. Your friends and family are still there beside you, but you feel less and less connected to the people around you.

8. Your body also feels weak

You can’t exercise like you used to because you don’t have the energy to. Even walking seems like hard work now. You also know that you need to solve the deeper problem before you get back on your feet. Only taking care of your soul will energize you again.

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9. You sometimes have bitter and resentful thoughts

This is clearly an indication that you are deeply unsatisfied with your life. The anger or irritation you may feel at others for little things are really pointed at yourself.

10. You feel scared and uncertain about your future

You feel so drained that you no longer take any interest in your present life. You would like to start again but you’re not sure how. You feel the world is not a safe place and you are concerned about what the future may bring.

However dark things may get for you, know that this is only a period in your life. It is definite, limited and it will transform you. Trust the process, believe better days will come and don’t forget to rest.


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