10 Ways To Attract The Right Men Into Your Life 


Do you feel like you haven’t found the right person yet? Are your past relationships one big long string of failures and have no idea why? If you want to stay away from screw-ups, take a look at 10 ways to attract the right type of man into your life.

When it comes to love, thinking you ran out of luck is detrimental to your mental and emotional health. Maybe the reason why love skipped you is that you did something wrong along the way. These 10 tips will help you find the man of your dreams.

1.Know yourself before casting your love spell

It’s essential to know yourself and what exactly you desire from life. To get a guy who shares the same values as you, you have to learn what you actually want from a man. One must love themselves first before they can truly love others.

2. Send a clear message

No games, no tricks, no romance puzzles for men to crack. Just be clear about your intentions. Acting flirty while saying you don’t want a relationship sends mixed messages. He will think you’re here for a good time and nothing else. Be sure you’re sending the right message and you might just attract the right guy.

3. Be like the one you’re trying to attract

If you’re in for the long haul, it’s imperative to decide what kind of man you want in your life. You have to share the same values. The law of attraction says we attract like-minded people. So know what qualities you’re looking for in a man and try to create them in yourself too.

4. Spend time where you’ll meet a man with similar values

Hanging out where the man of your dreams might hop around is not at all a bad plan. When you meet someone at a specific place, like a cafeteria where you can volunteer or a live concert, it’s very likely that he shares the same set of values and beliefs as you do.

5. Hear your friends

If your friends are telling you that the guy you’re involved with is not right for you, you should listen to them and ask yourself why do they think that and you don’t. In the dating process, it’s easy to lose perspective on things. So with a little help from your friends, you’ll find the right way.

6. Don’t settle for less than you deserve

Even if you’ve been bruised and broken, you have to go on with your head high and never settle for less than you deserve. It’s hard to still believe in love when it let you down so many times. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you attract the wrong men in your life, you feel unworthy of being loved. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let the past define who you are.

7. Don’t put on a mask

It’s so easy to pretend to be someone you’re not because you think it’s what he wants. You’ll eventually reveal yourself. The real you will come out, always. The right guy will love you for you.

8. Be confident

There’s nothing more appealing to a man than a woman who exudes confidence through all her pores. To gain confidence, you have to start with yourself. Knowing your heart and your true self is what attracts a real man. A confident man will never be attracted to a weak person.

9. Don’t waste time with the wrong guy

Sometimes life is so hectic we don’t have a second to stay still and really ponder about the life we’re living. Time flies and you’re holding hands with Mr. Wrong. If you know he’s not the man you want to build a life with, stop wasting your time. The quest for love is back on.

10. Try online dating

A lot of couples nowadays have met through dating apps. We’re all dreaming about that magical encounter with our soon-to-be the man of your life, but not each life is designed like a fairytale. Unfortunately. So give it a go, you might be surprised.


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