14 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together

You are madly in love with your partner, but sometimes you can’t tell if you two are destined to be together in the long run. Whether you believe in the concept of soulmate or not, we can all agree that some people cross our paths for very good reasons. Some will change us forever, others will enchant us, others hurt us or leave us in pieces.

Here are 14 ways to tell if they really are the love of your life:

1. You feel very comfortable around them

If you don’t need to put on a mask whenever you meet, then it’s because you know you can allow them to see you for who you are. The freedom you must feel around them is priceless so hold on to that.

2. You don’t need them to change

You allow them to flourish and expand their perspective, but they don’t have to change because you accept them the way they are. In fact, you couldn’t ask for more. They are authentic individuals and you cherish them for that above all else.

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3. You treat each other as equals

There are no gender roles in your interactions or household, if you live together. You both love the way you complete each other, intellectually, emotionally and sexually.

4. They give you enough space to create and grow

They know you need space to pursue your passions but they are also careful not to be too distant. Moreover, they will always encourage you to go after what you enjoy the most.

5. You can sometimes communicate through silence only

Communication should be at the forefront of a solid and healthy relationship. But silence can be just as golden. You never find silent moments between you uncomfortable. On the contrary, you choose to express your love through means other than words.

6. You don’t feel jealous in your relationship

You are both aware that jealousy has nothing to do with love. You are very secure in the feelings you have towards one another and you know that no one can come between you.

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7. You two know how to fight

It’s only natural that you have arguments every once in a while. All couples in healthy relationships do. What matters is that you do it in such a way that you don’t offend each other.

8. You don’t feel suffocated or controlled

Suffocation is a sign of an unhealthy and unbalanced relationship. You don’t get to deal with this because there is no room for anxiety when it comes to what you have.

9. You respect each other’s opinions

Your partner’s opinion is of tremendous value to you. But you also care about maintaining your own.

10. You share the same values

Common values is probably what brought the two of you together. And it’s a strong enough reason to stay together.

11. You never put each other down

Whenever you argue, you are careful and aware of your words. Even if they are sometimes harsh or you feel angry, you don’t belittle your partner.

12. You somehow manage to sort out your differences calmly

This is one of the most significant aspect that can kill or sustain a relationship.

13. You don’t need them, you just care for them immensely

You love them very much, but you don’t feel anxious when you think about your life without them. You are able to appreciate life in its complexity. The fact that you get to have them beside you is a gift.

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14. You see yourself having children with them

You believe they will be the greatest parent in the world and you definitely see a future where you two are together.