18 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You Actually Respect Yourself


True self-respect is hard to attain, no doubt about that. That’s because we are all somewhat damaged because of our upbringing. In that sense, R-E-S-P-E-C-T becomes a most treasured ideal.

Respect is also the road to self-acceptance, to healthy habits and to loving yourself. Respect is not when you think very highly of yourself, but when you know you can always do better.

Respect is balance and healthy coping mechanisms, it’s knowing our worth and standing up for ourselves and our values. Here is a full list of things we do out of self-respect that may confuse people.

1. You place yourself on top of your priority list

You manage to do this because you know it’s not selfish, no matter what others may tell you. Whoever will accuse you for being selfish simply because you are taking care of you are actually selfish themselves. The irony.

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2. You recognize the importance of self-care

Self-care means you care enough about others. When you are well, you are able to help others. Period.

3. You have stopped letting people drain you of your energy

You have zero tolerance for people who are toxic, bullies, manipulators. You’ve had enough.

4. You no longer accept apologies if they are not followed by real action

You’ve lived long enough to know that although words matter, actions will take precedence.

5. You are no longer willing to invest in toxic relationships that have inflicted you pain for a long time

You’ve put in a lot of time in relationships that no longer work for you in the hope that things will work out. But you’ve decided it’s more important to protect yourself and invest in relationships that are not one-dimensional.

6. You are no longer justifying yourself for everything you do

You are the sole creator of your life and you’re allowing yourself the freedom to pursue your goals without letting others interfere.

7. You have learned to say ‘no’

You have now the power to refuse anything that doesn’t align with your views. And that feels great.

8. You pay more attention to your gut instinct

You are learning to recognize the signals your body sends you, particularly your gut. If something feels off, you don’t do it.

9. You spend your time however you choose like and with whomever you want

Easy as that.

10. You are no longer kept prisoner by other people’s expectations of you

11. You are no longer active on social media

This means you care enough about boundaries. Your private life is your private life. Also, social media is overrated.

12. You try to embrace change despite being afraid of it

Fearing change is ingrained in our brains, but you try to work around it. You know that when you embrace change, you are opening yourself up to endless possibilities.

13. You’re trying to give up harmful coping mechanisms which only weigh you down

Whatever these may be, you’ve decided that consciously dealing with your issues in healthy ways is way more important.

14. You’ve realized it’s time to take full responsibility for how you lead your life

You don’t let anyone tell you how you are supposed to live. This means you become responsible for any mistakes you may do and you accept that.

15. You refuse to play the victim in any circumstance

Playing the victim is a sign of immaturity. You know better than that.

16. You are aware of your thoughts and emotions and recognize what triggers you

Learning your triggers can save you from a lot of trouble. You are training yourself constantly to respond to challenges, instead of reacting.

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17. You no longer care what people think about your preferences or lifestyle

In other words, you radiate self-confidence.

18. You have decided to stay true to your values no matter what

Your beliefs are important and you will defend them. But you also know it’s important to allow yourself to evolve.


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