3 Signs Your Platonic Friendship Is Turning Into Love

Platonic love is a term used to define a non-sexual type of love. It got its name from Plato, though the philosopher never actually used it himself. He referred to this kind of concept as the divine love, the ultimate devotion for Supreme Beauty that another person inspires you to discover. A genuine love that guides you towards spiritual enlightenment.

In this day and age however, platonic love is known as the bond between two close friends which lacks sexual desire. There’s no physical attraction, but aside from that, it’s a strong relationship based on trust, mutual interests, support, and overall positive energy. You may wonder how come many relationships remain on the platonic spectrum and never turn into something more since it seems they have all the right things going for it.

When exactly does one realize the platonic affair has turned into a romantic one? Maybe these 3 signs will set things straight:

1. You can’t wait to get in touch with them

If your day suddenly becomes brighter at the mere sight of them, you can expect the birth of a beautiful non-platonic relationship. When the best part of your day is seeing them, it’s a clear sign there’s something more between the two of you.

2. You chatter together like there’s no tomorrow

Constantly talking with your platonic friend suggests a genuine connection that can easily blossom into an intimate one, sharing even the deepest matters of the heart. If you reach the conclusion that you talk way too much with them in contrast with your friends, that’s a definite signal of a love affair.

3. You begin to feel jealous

So, they give you unconditional support and are always by your side no matter what, you turn to them for guidance and not a day goes by without talking. These are obvious signs of a tight relationship that may flourish into something else, but the moment you begin to feel jealous when they talk about other possible lovers, that’s when you know for sure the platonic story is over and the love story is about to unfold.