3 Subtle Yet Undeniable Signs That Someone Is Falling In Love With You


Falling in love is a mysterious process. It can happen out of a sudden or it can sneak up on you slowly. And you can never be sure what the other is really feeling. Here are 3 subtle, yet undeniable signs that someone is falling in love with you and you don’t even know it.

1. They are trying (awkwardly) to start conversations with you

No matter how silly or profound the topic of the conversation, when someone is really trying to communicate with you, this shows genuine interest.

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They may also be physically attracted to you so they want more eye contact. Talking just seems to do the trick.

2. They seem really happy to see you

If someone smiles when you are coming through the door or they seem sad to see you leave, this a clear sign of affection. They may not show it right away, but this can be felt. Make sure you pay attention to their reactions if you truly want to know what’s on their mind.

3. They seem eager to help you

You should start paying attention to that person who is willing to help you even when you don’t know that you need help. This kind of support can only come from genuine affection.

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Of course, before starting to plan your wedding and name your future kids, you should make sure that you really have a lover on your hands, and not a stalker or just a nice person who is maybe a bit too friendly.

But whatever you decide to do or feel, don’t ignore these signs.


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