5 Obvious Signs That Your Partner Is Not Loyal

Everybody longs for love. Deep love, chemistry, and commitment. But almost nobody asks for loyalty before all else. You want to find someone who is loyal, who will be there for you and who will never betray your trust.

Many of us don’t get that even if your partner hasn’t been unfaithful, doesn’t mean that they can’t be disloyal. That’s one of the reasons why infidelity tears us apart because we believed them to be loyal.

You can sense if your partner is disloyal even if they have not cheated on you. Here are five painfully obvious signs that they are not loyal:

1. Single player mode

Not mentioning you or the fact they’re in a relationship when they introduce themselves is a clear sign of disloyalty. Going around as single and available when you’re clearly involved with someone is the first step towards infidelity.

2. Flirting 

The obvious move is to begin flirting with others, even if they haven’t been unfaithful yet. Playing the field and getting a feel for what’s open on the market indicates a deceitful behaviour.

3. Not talking about your future together

Keeping your relationship on a dead end, not talking about building a future together and dodging when you want to take things further is clearly a sign they don’t think long-term.

4. No respect

If your partner doesn’t respect you and everything you stand for, your personal beliefs and values, they are probably not invested enough in you.

5. They cheated in past relationships and never told you

Keeping silent about being unfaithful in past relationships is certainly a warning sign that they might not be so honest as you once thought. Although you shouldn’t hold someone’s past against them, not addressing the unfaithful situation may signal loyalty issues.