5 Signs Your Crush Likes You


That moment your crush likes you back. You feel elated. In a state of non-believing oftentimes, unable to comprehend how the stars have finally shifted in your favor.

Having a crush is like pretending to be living a fairytale. You dream about being together, imagine how it would feel if they loved you back and basically, have a great deal of material to hope and fantasize about your potential connection for days on end.

And when that fantasy becomes reality, in utter disbelief, you might not notice some signals from his part. Here are 5 signs your crush is into you as well!

1. You catch them looking at you

If they happen to steal glances at you, they almost definitely like you back. Catching them staring at you a number of times is clearly an indication that something more is going on. Moreover, if you make eye contact and they swiftly look away or pretend to be looking in another direction, that’s even a greater clue.

2. They gravitate towards you

The feeling of being closer to someone you like comes naturally. Involuntarily, they move towards you or near your space of action. As you yourself probably have noticed, if you take a fancy to someone, you find ways to be near them at any cost. Bumping into your crush or finding them always in close proximity with you might not be the work of destiny, but your crush himself/herself.

3. They are nervous around you

You know this feeling too well, it’s you who got the hots for them in the first place. So that jittery feeling is really familiar to you. It’s when your heart is pounding, your brain is blank and your mouth seems to be entirely zipped for no reason. Most of the time, we get so nervous around people we like, we completely forget to notice our crush’s body language.

4. Overt body language

Their posture and body language can reveal a lot about how they feel about you. If their body is turned towards you or tries to mirror yours, they probably have a thing for you. Arms and legs crossed is an example of a red flag, meaning they are not interested. Moreover, they could accidentally stumble upon you or pat you on the back to get your attention.

5. They know things about you

If your crush indeed likes you, they probably have asked friends about you or noticed a few activities you might be involved with. If, when you finally do talk to your crush, they start asking questions about things you never talked about, be sure they were interested in you way back.


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