6 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best Relationship Partners


Empaths can read souls. But this is not the only thing that makes them great. Here are 6 other reasons why they are the best romantic partners.

1. They don’t play games

Empaths are so open about their feelings, that they are almost transparent. They won’t wait three days before they call you after a date. And they won’t play hard to get. They will just tell you how they feel.

2. They always tell the truth

Empaths consider lying an insult to everyone involved. So they prefer admitting to making a mistake or challenge your self-image rather than lie.

3. They are skilled communicators

No matter how vague the feelings or how complicated the thoughts, an empath will find the words for it. Also, they will encourage you to tell them whatever you hope, dream or fear. They will understand your emotion even when you don’t.

4. They live everything with intensity

No matter how trivial the activity, an empath will get involved with all their senses and attention. Almost all their experiences are intense and being with them you will become intoxicated with life as well.

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5. They are sexually inventive

Being extremely intuitive, they will guess your deepest desires, your hidden fantasies. They are extremely passionate and creative when it comes to the sexual realm.

6. There’s no end to their love

Being loved by an empath means being enveloped by affection and care. It means never having to worry about their loyalty. It means being loved madly and deeply.

Having an empath as a partner is a gift!


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