6 Signs Your Relationship Is Broken

Love is blind, they say. But there are some signs you’d better not ignore. Since they lead to sorrow. Here are 6 of them.

1. You cannot rely on your partner

Whether it is about your plans to go out Saturday night or buying a house together, if you feel that you cannot really depend on your partner, you should be careful moving forward.

In a healthy relationship, you feel that you are part of a team, in an unhealthy one, you feel that you cannot count on your partner.

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2. You’re the only one making an effort

If your partner expects you to do everything, from washing the dishes after dinner to the emotional work to make the relationship work smoothly, then they are not that invested.

A relationship is about give and take and if you are always the one giving and your partner is always taking, then you should reconsider your involvement.

3. Your partner has anger problems

The quality of a relationship can be measured by the way the partners handle conflict. If your partner goes crazy at the first sign of things not going their way, if every disagreement turns into a huge fight with insults and threats, you’d better back off. Don’t wait until the abuse becomes physical, because chances are it will.

4. Your partner is always criticizing you

If your partner points to every little mistake you make, if they blame you for everything that goes wrong in your relationship and doesn’t accept any kind of responsibility, then you’d better watch out. This is not the kind of problem that goes away with time, but quite the opposite.

5. Your partner cheated on all their exes

You might hope that this time is different, that they care enough for you to be faithful, but the truth is that if your partner has a history of cheating, chances are they will do it again. Remember that you deserve someone you can trust.

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6. Your partner is jealous

If your partner is the cheating type, they will project this on you and be extremely jealous. If your partner pops up whenever you’re having a night out with your friends or reads your texts and emails, if they throw a tantrum whenever they are not the center of your attention, your relationship may crumble at anytime.