7 Major Signs Your Relationship Has What It Takes To Last

In this day and age, being in a healthy and stable relationship is like winning the lottery. For life. When we’ve found that special someone, we want to make sure that this incredible bond will last.

Here are 7 sure ways to know that you’re in for the long haul:

1. You believe in each other

It’s clear that you both believe in your relationship, otherwise it wouldn’t work. But what enriches your connection is that you know each other’s worth. And you stand up for one another in any circumstance. This is not easy to find so hold on to them.

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2. You trust each other

Trust is the solid foundation of any healthy and flourishing relationship. There’s no real connection without it. Trusting they will not hurt, cheat or deceive you matters a great deal so never take this aspect for granted.

You know they are responsible and reliable when the situation demands it and they’ve never let you down so far. You also know that your deepest darkest secret is safe with them and that is golden.

3. You accept each other’s differences

Like any other couple, you have your differences, little things you don’t agree on. It’s only natural. It would be a cause for concern if you agreed on absolutely everything. So you’ve learned to accept what makes you different because you know you ultimately complete each other.

4. You communicate openly

Your communication is smooth and that seems like the greatest gift. You feel you can talk to them about anything because you know they would understand. You also make each other laugh which brings you even closer together.

5. There is still incredible chemistry between you two

The fact that you’re still attracted to each other after the honey moon phase is over says a lot. You are not longer flooded with hormones and yet you have incredible chemistry. That’s because your relationship is not based on looks, but on something a lot more profound.

6. You respect each other

Respect is also crucial. Even when you argue, you know there are boundaries. You rarely raise your voice at each other and you always apologize.

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7. You share the same core values

Having the same values may be what brought you together in the first place. You are intellectually on the same page and you both care about the same world problems. Moreover, you challenge each other to become better people.

Keep them forever!