A Real Man Always Puts His Lady First

A real man will always put his woman first. A real man in love will treat his lady right no matter what. A real man will do literally anything for the woman he loves. A real man  knows that these genuine feelings come once in a lifetime if you’re lucky. A real man will freely leave his heart in the hands of the woman he loves.

A man who truly loves knows that for a relationship to last, both of you have to make it work. He knows he has to invest time and effort for a relationship to stand the test of time. He is going to show you how much he cares about you at all times. He will not just sweet talk you but put his words into real actions. He is never going to tell you how important you are to him but he will make whatever it takes to make you feel just how important you really are.

The man who really loves will want to go deep with you. Getting to know you better is his most ardent desire because he wants to be the best possible partner for you. He will never put your love at risk or question the state of your relationship. A real man is not going to leave you on pins and needles while responding to your text. He will be that guy who’s never going to make you feel anxiety or worry when you’re not around. Like an open book, a real man will not only easily list his activities but try to make you a part of them.

A real man knows just how important the little things are and will want to discover every little tiny part of you. He’ll want to learn about your deepest desires, about your daily moods, he’ll want to know the real you, the one who sometimes hides behind the curtains or lies quietly in the darkest corners of the soul. He will genuinely want to get to know the authentic you and will gently ask permission to let him in.

He will know exactly what to do when you’re down, his touch will make you forget anything was wrong in the first place. You are going to be so close that you’ll get each other only by looking into each other’s eyes. You will feel that deep emotional connection with the man who genuinely loves you, that one-of-a-kind bond that makes you find intimacy on a whole other level. An unearthly connection that may occur just once in a lifetime.

You will find happiness with a real man. You can trust the man who will forever put your first on his priority list. If a man genuinely loves you, you’ll never need reassurance or approval, you’ll never be doubtful about your relationship, you’ll never feel alone. A real man in love will make everything to show just how committed to you and to your relationship he really is. A real man will stand by your side, through thick and thin. Because he knows you deserve the best.