At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get Himself Together


There are countless songs or movies made about how true love will wait forever. Except that, in real life, forever is a whole lotta time.

Sure, we’re all looking for that kind of love depicted in the most romantic of scripts and lyrics. We may even be actively waiting for it. Or maybe we’ve already found that one person that turned our world upside down.

But being with someone and waiting for all eternity for them to get themselves together isn’t realistic and it shouldn’t be an option. If we’re looking for happiness, that is.

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You can give them a second chance if you think they are able to give you what you want out of the relationship. You can give them a third and a fourth chance, but enough is enough.

If they don’t come to realize what they have right in front of them and work hard to keep it, then it’s not worth it. Waiting just a few more weeks or months will most likely change nothing.

They are either willing to step up their game and mature or they are not. It’s that simple. If they’re only procrastinating a commitment or finally settling with you, then it’s time to move on.

Maybe you stayed for so long because you saw potential, you kept hoping things would change and they would come to appreciate what they have.

It turns out they have not evolved in the direction you want and need them to so saying goodbye seems like the only option.

That is when they’ll really open their eyes and see what they’ve lost. They pushed you away because they couldn’t maintain a healthy relationship. They were not sure of the direction they wanted to take in life so they are left with nothing.

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In the end, they know that meeting someone like you won’t happen again. They are finally aware of what they have lost. They realized you were the right woman for them when it was too late.


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