Being in a Relationship is Making You Fat, Researchers Confirm

A massive study conducted at the Central Queensland University in Australia has found that couples lead healthier lifestyles than single people but are not safe from getting fatter. Apparently, being in a relationship makes you so happy you forget to take care of your physical appearance.

Though they tend to make healthier eating choices than loners, people in a relationship are more likely to be overweight. They eat more fruits and vegetables and don’t indulge in drinking alcohol or smoking as much as singles do.

Despite having a more balanced lifestyle, people in a relationship don’t need to make an effort to attract their partner anymore, so they tend to overlook their weight. Another explanation could be that couples cook and share more meals, while some parents eat their children’s leftovers, for example.

Surveys of 15,000 Australians found that couples are more likely to gain weight if they’re married or have been living together for over two years. In the wake of these findings, scientists can now deliver health advice based on a person’s relationship status.

Putting on a few pounds while being in a relationship is a pretty known fact. Relationship gain weight is a phenomenon: people are observed to be bulkier compared to when they were singles.

Physical look ceases to matter once you’re in love. Being in love entails other things, you want access to your partner’s inner beauty.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we have to stop paying attention to our weight the minute we’re going steady in a relationship. We must maintain our body weight in order to be healthy. We shouldn’t ignore our health just because we are in love.