How To Make Your Heart Stronger When Dealing With Emotional Pain

Feeling heartbroken is probably the most intensely devastating experiences we humans know. You literally feel your heart is aching or even worse, that it’s been ripped out and gone for good.

And all that’s left is a void, the emptiness God himself must have felt before any of this. Sadly, there’s no one who can escape it. But there is something better we could do.

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When we are hurt, the immediate response is to protect ourselves at any cost.

When we feel we simply cannot carry the weight of so much pain, our bodies and souls react instantly.

And we tell ourselves that we can’t go through this all over again, that we’ve learned our mistakes. And then we enhance our self-defense mechanism and develop new and tougher ways to defend our broken selves.

So we end up with emptiness in our heart and many walls around it. That way, we tell ourselves, no one and nothing can touch us anymore, or sever us into pieces. We are finally safe.

But then we turn our hearts into machines that become atrophied in time, they get rusty because we’ve neglected them. And as they age, we turn into numb beings who cannot feel a thing. We wonder if we’ve lost our capacity to love and we shudder at the thought.

They say there are two ways of dealing with pain: one is to shut your heart off so it won’t hurt anymore. The other one is to open it wider so it will take in even more love.

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Know that a stronger heart can deal better with future hurt because it’s more prepared. So why don’t we use our heart as the wall to protect us?

The only solution is to love more.