If You Think You’re Unlucky In Love, It’s Time To Reconsider These 5 Things

Many women deem themselves unlucky in love without regard for their own mistakes. Many of them get hurt over and over again, ultimately blaming the men they’re dating for not treating them right. If you think you have bad luck in love, it’s high time you reconsider a couple of things and admit you may be at fault for some of your crooked relationships.

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So many women out there believe they have been deliberately evaded by the Universe in finding The One. They immediately label their incapacity of building meaningful relationships as bad luck in love. They’re doing everything right but still, they cannot seem to grasp why any of their relationships aren’t working.

One of the reasons why so many relationships fail is the way women approach dating.

Diving into a relationship too soon while having high expectations, women become emotionally attached too quickly, leading to yet another romantic flop.

Anyone who thinks is unlucky in love is doing nothing else but hold on to baggage, old emotions and memories from the past. We cling to negativity and the negative emotions from our memories. Our first date, our bond with parents growing up, our teachers. Not only are we slowly but surely falling into the same patterns but we’re also creating them based on our past relationships.

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If we don’t clear and process the past, we simply give out information to the world based on our past relationships that weren’t so nice. So we attract in the same negativity in future relationships.

A way of releasing the past is awareness.

Be aware and try to pinpoint when the same patterns appear again into your love life. If you’re able to notice repeating those behaviors, identifying them will make you act differently. You won’t find yourself in the same bubble again. And hopefully on the right track.

If you think you have no luck in love, try following these guidelines. It’s possible to attract love in your life sooner than you think. 

1.Stop feeling sorry for yourself – People can smell insecurity from miles away. If you don’t love yourself, then who will? You must discharge all the self-defeating thoughts that are holding you back. Fake confidence until you make it.

2. Be a little mysterious – A bit of mystery never hurt anyone. It’s good to keep some things for yourself, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Opening up and being honest about yourself is fine but oversharing might do more harm than good. We all have baggage. And feeling insecure causes us to tell people too much about ourselves. Pouring out things when vulnerable is not the safest way to keep a guy interested in you.

3. Let him come to you – Specifically in the early stages of a relationship, you should never follow him but make him come to you. If he asks you to come over and he doesn’t even put the effort to come and pick you up from your house, it’s more than clear that it’s a booty call and he only wants to hook up. If he genuinely wants to spend time with you, he’ll put the time and energy to plan something out. You just be cool and go with the flow.

4. Never call him unless returning a call – Men get easily turned off by a woman who’s clingy. Men want to be with a woman who has a life of her own, not someone who waits around on them. You have your own fabulous life, your own passions, friends, and interests, you don’t have time to call him. If you’re always available and nothing is going on in your life but him, you’ll only be an afterthought and never a serious girlfriend.

5. Don’t text back immediately — Like a busy woman, you can’t sit around waiting for him to call or send a text. Firstly, it’s simply torturing to spend time wondering when he will call. Meanwhile, your life is passing you by. So go and live it to the fullest.