People Don’t Always End Up With The Love Of Their Life And That’s Okay

How many of us have had that once-in-a-lifetime love? You may have been so in love with them when it happened that you couldn’t picture your life without them.

Your love story was not perfect and was not a cheap imitation of a fairy-tale. It was real, it was genuine and it had depth. It was the kind of connection most people only dream of or don’t dare to imagine.

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But you felt it and it was all that mattered. Or was it? If love truly conquers all, why have you lost them? How come they are not in your life anymore, if love is all there is?

Because, in reality, human relations are more complex than that.

We have baggage, we have undealt emotional issues, and we have our differences.

Some problems, as much as we despise the thought, are insurmountable.

Sometimes, there is no one to blame for how things work out or don’t. What is clear is that such a colossal love has taught you so much about yourself and about the world. They left such an incredible mark on you and how you view relationships that there is no way you regret what you two had.

What matters is that you acknowledge they played a crucial role in your personal and emotional development. They brought you joy, they gave you unparalleled memories and excruciating pain. But grief has turned you into a much stronger and more appreciative person.

Consider yourself lucky to have found a miraculous love, even if it didn’t last. Nothing ever does, even if you felt it was infinite. You never married them, you never started a family with them, you never raised your children with them.

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But not ending up with them should not diminish the role they played in your life. Even though you know they will never be replaced, you have found ways to move on and be happy again.