The Dark Side Of Love – When Two People In Love Can Never Be Together


Love is the most powerful emotion known to people, the strongest force in the Universe. And because it’s so complex, we don’t experience it the same way. It has so many forms and shapes and nuances that it never ceases to amaze us.

Although most of us fall in love many times throughout our lifetime, each time we do we are left in awe. Love has an enormous capacity to make us wonder, to calm us, to keep us anchored in the present moment. It has the power to heal, to forgive, to astound and to bring people together.

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Love gives us a reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to go through the day. It can unite and tell the truth and it can make us feel less lonely. Love is happiness, joy and fulfillment; it is that which soothes an aching soul, the one that lifts us up when we’re stricken with grief.

But there’s a dark side of love. And most of us have known it, sadly. It can turn into the most excruciating pain, terror and anxiety. There is nothing like a heart that mourns, that has been broken into million pieces.

The saddest kind of love is that between two people who can never be together.

Sure, we feel hurt when love suddenly rears its ugly head and the relationship ends. We feel hurt when we feel rejected or abandoned. But when you still have powerful feelings for someone and cannot be with them, you have known real torment.

No matter how much we desperately hope, some people cannot heal each other’s wounds, they cannot make amends and go back to how things used to be. Maybe they cannot find the strength to forgive or to compromise. Maybe it’s a case of miscommunication or just misunderstanding.

Maybe they cannot bear the thought of being vulnerable again and get hurt. Maybe they are too afraid of being abandoned or of full commitment. What is clear is that love cannot fix everything.

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Although love always remains, they decide they will never be together again. So they drift away from each and try to move on. And that is one of the darkest sides of love.


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