This Goes To All The Beautiful Souls Who Overthink And Overlove


Anyone who’s ever been there knows how exhausting overthinking can be. When it takes over you, there’s no stopping it, no matter what you do.

You may be struggling with taking a decision and keep going through all the options and possibilities in your head. You’re considering the risks and assessing all the factors involved until you feel like suffocating.

You say something to someone and then you keep replaying that in your mind wondering if you said the right thing.

If there is one minor thing bothering you, you will obsess over it for a while, until there’s nothing left. You will check the text you intend to send to someone who matters to you until you’ve memorized it, and then recheck because you can never be sure.

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At times, it really feels paralyzing to be flooded with so many thoughts, seemingly out of nowhere. Your mind constantly struggles with the torment of a never-ending thought. One only that can overshadow everything else going on in your life.

It’s loud and it’s hard. But this is what overthinkers do.

What most of us fail to acknowledge is that these noisy nagging minds are also the brilliant minds of our generation. For every gloomy thought there’s a spark of creativity.

And never forget that you do all this because you care. People who are shallow will never stop to think twice about their actions or words. But you go through it over and over again in your head because that something matters to you.

And this brings us to love. It’s those overcrowded minds that love the hardest. Intensely, passionately, and with all of their being. You may overthink and it may feel like an immense burden, but you also overlove.

And this allows you to experience a profound state of happiness that most will never know. Because you hold such deep feelings for others that you are also overflown with love. And that is truly remarkable.

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You may have your own fears and insecurities to deal with, but you also have an enormous capacity for love. And that trumps anything.

Always remember you are worthy of love, respect, acceptance, despite what your mind tells you sometimes. You can overcome self-doubt and love yourself with the same force you love and care for others.


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