When The Right Person Comes Into Your Life, You Will Know

Even when there is no seeking, there is still longing. You must feel emotionally exhausted after so many failed relationships.

You feel tired, drained but at least you are still feeling something. If you didn’t numb yourself after all you’ve been through, you will be rewarded. Because when you actually find someone that is right for you, you will still be able to feel.

So don’t let the pain and heartache you’re going through now make you bitter, cynical and empty.

Keep yourself whole and vulnerable because this is the only way you will appreciate the right thing when it comes along.

Right now, you think that such a healthy and balanced relationship is probably unattainable. That’s because disappointment has really left a big hole in your life. An empty seat. But they exist.

And you will meet them when you least expect it. Maybe you will bond quickly or in the years to come, but your connection will be out of this world.

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You will feel drawn to them and calm in their presence. And nothing will stop the two of you from conquering your fears and making it work.

And after all those years of neglect and profound loneliness, you will finally feel loved and cared for. You will feel understood, listened to and supported. Deep in your heart, you will know you have found the one you were looking for.

This is why you should never settle.

Because eventually, all the waiting and hurting are worth it. Someone who will truly value you will come along. They will inspire you and love you like never before. It will feel liberating and uplifting. Just trust the process that will take you there.