Women Who Stay Single For A Large Period Of Time End Up The Happiest

Although women’s rights movement has been gaining momentum lately, it seems that women who are single are still pitied. That’s because the idea that all women need their knight in shining armor to save them (from what?) is still very much ingrained.

Some people couldn’t possibly think that there are women who are single by choice, and not because no one chose them as a partner. These women who prefer to go through life alone are often portrayed as miserable, unfulfilled, isolated and well, less worthy.

Guess what? For some of these single women, their relationship status is not a criterion for happiness. And maybe they know better. Maybe they don’t feel the need for a partner to make them feel happy because they already are.

There are many other reasons why single women choose to remain so for a while. Some of them don’t feel like something’s missing, some out of sheer habit, while some because they are heartbroken. Maybe it’s heartache, disappointment or maybe they found that the daunting dating world isn’t for them.

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Whatever the reason, women who remain single for a significant period of time end up the happiest. Here’s why:

They know how to embrace their solitude. They don’t feel uncomfortable when on their own, but inspired. This gives them the time and the mind clarity to pursue personal projects that really make them happy.

They are more connected with themselves and at a deeper level, and more emotionally aware. Of course, this will help me decide who they will be spending the rest of their life with, when or if that time comes.

They are also happier because they are more connected to their friends and family. Their strong ties with other people show they have found genuine happiness outside the romantic sphere (which is definitely overrated sometimes).

These women pride themselves on their independence and individuality and would not give up on them. That is because they are not afraid that they will stay single forever or never getting married. They are able to take care of themselves and even despise the idea of making a romantic partner the center of their world.

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And most importantly, they end up the happiest because they give themselves the opportunity to focus on pursuing what matters to them. Achieving their goals fulfills them on a higher level, that’s why they make this is a priority.

Not giving up on their passions is the best thing that could have happened to them. And if this means staying single for a while, away from the emotional ups and downs that a relationship entails, then so be it.